Music Heals

Jackson’s HS (that’s the other HS — High School) graduation

Stepdad Jeff Miller writing: We have a new doctor, Ashley Biscoe, who’s advising us about the supplements that we hope will lead to better times for Jackson. She’s great and we believe in her. But meanwhile, Jackson is still struggling. That was plain to see at his graduation from Middle College at Santa Barbara City College. Walking with shoulders hunched to minimize pain on neck and back. But there he was, up on the stage, singing “My Way” for an appreciative crowd. It really was moving. He definitely did it his way.

Dr. Biscoe tells us four percent of the population suffers from HS, and an average 12 years of suffering before the proper diagnosis comes down. Those are big numbers, so there’s a possibility that someone in the crowd that day was in the same situation Jackson is. Or might be just at the start of that hard road. If someone with HS was in that audience, we hope they find genuine help as soon as possible. There are so many wrong turns and bum steers offered by the medical community. We’re willing to offer what knowledge we’ve gleaned whenever asked.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the graduate!