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The Early Days of Type 1 Diabetes and the Insulin Pump


MiniMed Insulin Pump


First Pump Pack - Age 4

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3. I have been wearing an Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump since I was 4. As a kid I wore a pump pack and pretty much nothing stopped me so where I went the pump pack went too. As I got more active and started acting the pump pack became increasingly more annoying. Now I just have the insulin pump in my pocket and sometimes the tubing gets caught on drawer handles or the pump just topples out of my pocket when I get out of the car. One day I hope I can manufacture a clothing design I thought of long ago so when the closed loop system is a way of life we will all have clothes to keep our pumps in place. I have been wearing a DEXCOM Continuous Glucose Monitor for a couple of years now and was the narrator in the ALMOST BIONIC JDRF movie about the Artificial Pancreas Project when I was nine years old. These two devices are necessary for the closed loop system. If you don’t wear a pump or CGM you may want to look into it. If your insurance can cover it, it’s a life changer. One day maybe all Type 1 diabetics can be provided with these life changing devices.