Music Heals

Wavy Gravy,
Camp Winnarainbow,
SEVA and the important work being done around the world!

If you are wondering who Wavy Gravy is and need a face to go with the name you might recognize Wavy from the Woodstock Movie where he shouts “What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!” or maybe you were there to hear it with your own ears.

My family are big fans of the Grateful Dead and they became aware of Wavy’s work for SEVA while attending Grateful Dead shows up and down both U.S. coasts. SEVA brings sight and blindness prevention to 20 around the world. Bringing sight to the blind is extremely important to my family as the number 1 cause of blindness in the U.S. is Type 1 Diabetes and I was diagnosed at age 3. Wavy’s work with SEVA is a pretty phenomenal accomplishment. Thanks WAVY and all the folks who support this important organization! Check out SEVA at Some friends told my family about Camp Winnarainbow and they decided to check it out.

In 2011, I looked into attending Camp Winnarainbow which is an incredibly cool circus and performing arts camp in Laytonville, California. The camp was founded by Wavy Gravy and his wife, Jahanara is something to check out Wavy’s wife, Jahnara had told my mom that Camp Winnarainbow had never had a child with Type 1 Diabetes attend the camp but she was incredibly accommodating saying I could stay in my tipi with my group and my mom, Connie could sleep in another tipi and help him with nightly blood checks and any issues with my insulin pump. We were pretty excited about the idea of traveling from NY to California to live in a tipi and attend Camp Winnarainbow. As fate would have it, I was playing football at school and broke my finger badly requiring a lot of visits to a hand surgeon. Looking back, we were sad to have missed Camp Winnarainbow but glad I paid close attention to healing my hand properly. Hands come in handy when playing the guitar!
Back to Wavy Gravy. Wavy Gravy was going to be at the Vibes festival in 2012 signing copies of his DVD created by Michelle Esrick entitled THE WAVY GRAVY MOVIE: SAINT MISBEHAVIN‘. Michelle Esrick is the Founder/Director and Producer at

As a thank you to Wavy for the kindness in trying to accommodate me at camp, I brought Wavy flowers. When I walked into the tent where Wavy would be signing his DVD’s I was asked if I would like to keep Wavy’s seat warm until he arrived and signed his DVD. Michelle Esrick had a nice long chat with me and gave me a stainless steel straw and some information about plastic pollution. Once again, cool people and good vibes.

Why all this Wavy Gravy talk? Well, I hope to sing at SEVA concerts and fundraisers one day as I can’t think of many other more worthy causes. Putting the idea out there for manifestation.