Music Heals

Barry De Vorzon, six-time Emmy winner , writer or producer of 20 hit records.

“Jackson was a real surprise and a pleasure. He started with a blues song. Understanding and feeling the blues is what the blues really is all about. Jackson certainly understands it and certainly feels it, and that comes across in his performance.”

Catherine Remak, morning show DJ and news director for K-LITE radio, Carpinteria, CA. Over two decades’ experience in radio broadcasting.

“I don’t know if it’s the health challenges you’ve been so open about, but you are one old soul.”

“You have an amazing voice, first of all, but your breath control, your interpretation of song, just one of the very best we’ve heard tonight.”

“Above or equally to your vocal expertise, you’ve won our hearts.”

Erik Stein, casting director for Pacific Conservatory Theatre and a founding member of the Alaska Shakespeare Festival and the California Cabaret Theatre.

“Wow. I just loved it. I loved it so much. It really was so personal, yet you invited us in. So exciting.”

“My gosh, that was absolutely beautiful. You are so much more than a vessel for sound. And that sound was absolutely gorgeous. You were soaring on top of the music and you made me feel like I was soaring.”

Eduardo Villa, operatic tenor who has performed with the Metropolitan Opera, the Paris Opera and many others around the globe.

“Strong, soulful singing. Great, great voice. Your diction – the high notes, the low notes – everything. But most importantly, you play a damn good guitar.You were in complete control.”

“Jackson, you’re treading on my territory. Really just wonderful. Brilliant, excellent job. I’ve heard all the great tenors sing it “Nessun Dorma”, in fact I sang it at the Metropolitan Opera.”

“Great job, great control. Most important, you got the high notes.”